FLUBIO is a parallel, unstructured, finite-volume based solver for the solution of the Navier–Stokes equations and convection–diffusion like equations. The solver is written using modern Fortran (2003+ standard), it is object-oriented, and is organized in such a way that it is easy to understand and modify. The solver is targeted at students, academics, personal users and practitioners to help them understand the general theory behind modern CFD solution methods and discretization techniques. The solver is also general and capable enough to deal with industrial and academic problems found in the field of fluid dynamics.

2D potential flow past airfoils

Here you can find the source files of a Matlab panel code, based on Hess & Smith method, that I have developed some time ago. The aerodynamic coefficients of 2D airfoil profiles are computed using a distribution of sources/sinks and one constant vortex along the profile. There are a lot of common airfoils already implemented (NACA-4/5 series) and you can add every shape you need, since the solver is suitable for arbitrary bodies. The code is written in Matlab and provides a simple GUI (in Italian), but you can run it from script, which is also a good way to extract more data from the simulation. Just remember to use a even number of panels (otherwise an error will appear), since the code places the same number of panels on the suction and pressure side of the airfoil. The software works nicely and you can touch with your hands a lot of important principle commonly found in aerodynamics. Have fun!


Build your own home CFD simulation rig

This is a simple guide to build a working CFD home rig. I have recently passed through this interesting project and I am collecting here my experience together with some tips and tricks!


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